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Business Planning Solutions

Business Succession Planning

​Business succession planning ensures that a company continues to run smoothly after its owner or most important people move on to new opportunities, retire, or pass away. For business owners that are at or near retirement, the issue of succession cannot be ignored. Our succession planning service will help you identify a successor, determine how much your business is worth, establish a transfer of ownership vehicle, and establish cross-purchase agreements.

Employee Group Benefits Plans

Attracting and retaining top talent is key for your business to be competitive in its industry. Through our various partnerships with financial services firms, we help you comprise a comprehensive employee benefits package that meets your budgetary needs. You will have various options to choose from that cover retirement planning, health, and income protections, and other fringe benefits. Whether it is annuities, dental and vision plans, life insurance, disability insurance, and more, you will be confident that you are offering benefits that will be of value to current and potential employees. 

Executive Bonus Arrangement

​An executive bonus arrangement provides employers with an opportunity to recognize and reward executives and other key employees on a selective basis with employer-financed, personal life insurance. It is easy to implement and administer, with few restrictions or reporting requirements. As the employer, you can tailor each policy with a face amount designed to effectively encourage the selected employee to remain with the company.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans​

Nonqualified deferred compensation is an arrangement established by employers to provide retirement income and often death and/or disability benefits to selected managers or highly compensated employees. When it’s properly arranged, the employee can defer income taxation until the benefits are paid.

Deferred compensation arrangements are “nonqualified,” which means they don’t have to be preapproved by the IRS, and employers can favor selected employees without risking claims of discrimination. Also, when properly arranged, they are exempt from nearly all of ERISA’s regulatory requirements.

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition involves sourcing, attracting, and interviewing prospective employees to find the perfect match for a company's long-term goals. They factor into this process that people play an essential role and will be key players of success going forward.

As an extension of your organization, we will coordinate with hiring managers to identify staffing needs, determine selection criteria, design job descriptions and interview questions that reflect each position’s requirements, and source potential candidates through various online channels. In the end, we will provide outstanding talent for our company’s current and future hiring needs.

Workplace Financial Wellness Program

​A program designed to help employees secure their financial future

Program Benefits

  • Get assistance with reviewing and setting financial goals.

  • ​​Improve your cash flow and create more discretionary income to invest for the future.

  • ​​Learn how to better maximize your benefits and see how they coordinate with what you may have outside of work.

  • Learn how to improve your investment profits without risks while minimizing taxes.

  • Discover ways to protect your assets from lawsuits, bankruptcy, inflation, market, and economic risks.

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