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Xavier Williams, Alfa Pride Financial CEO, licensed financial professional, financial advisor and insurance agent

Your Path to Financial Success Starts Here

At Alfa Pride Financial, we believe that everyone deserves to achieve financial success and live a fulfilling life. With our expertise in financial planning, insurance, and wealth accumulation, we are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of today's financial landscape and create a solid foundation for your future.

Alfa Life Financial Initiative, National Financial Literacy Campaign

National Financial Literacy Campaign

The Alfa Life Financial Initiative is our mission to empower 1 million people by providing innovative strategies to eliminate financial vulnerabilities, so they can safely build wealth without risk. Our goal is to help you live the "Alfa Life," which is a fulfilling life lived on your terms – achieving financial freedom and pursuing your dreams with confidence. Join us on this transformative journey towards a brighter financial future!

Threats to you achieving your financial goals

Inflation and rising gas prices


Inflation silently erodes the value of your money over time, threatening your purchasing power. Alfa Pride Financial addresses this challenge by crafting strategies to preserve and grow your wealth, ensuring your money works for you.

Tax return form

Rising Taxes

The burden of increasing taxes can significantly impact your financial goals. Alfa Pride Financial specializes in tax-efficient financial solutions, helping you navigate the ever-changing tax landscape and optimize your financial strategy.

The financial threat of low personal savings

Not Saving Enough

One of the most common threats is not saving enough to meet your future needs. Alfa Pride Financial encourages disciplined savings and offers a range of solutions, to fortify your financial foundation and secure a comfortable retirement.


Financial planning for black African American families


Plan for a secure retirement with our annuity products. Whether you seek a fixed or indexed annuity, we have options that offer stability and growth potential. Take control of your financial future today.

Life insurance for hispanic latino families

Life Insurance

Life is unpredictable, and ensuring your loved ones are financially protected in your absence is crucial. Protect what matters most with our life insurance solutions. From term policies to whole life coverage, and more, we tailor plans to fit your unique needs. At Alfa Pride Financial, we ensure your loved ones are shielded from life's uncertainties.

Medicare Plans

Healthcare expenses can be unpredictable and pose a significant threat to your financial stability. Unforeseen medical bills can quickly erode your savings. Navigate healthcare confidently with our Medicare plans. We help you choose the right coverage for your medical needs, ensuring you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

Business Funding

Are you ready to take your small business or startup to the next level? Imagine having the financial support you need to fuel growth, seize opportunities, and realize your entrepreneurial dreams. With our tailored business funding solutions, your aspirations can become reality faster than you ever thought possible.

Your journey to financial security begins with one step

Discovery Meeting

In an initial discovery meeting, we discuss your goals to understand your financial situation and determine the next steps to assist you on your financial journey.

Financial Needs Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive financial needs analysis to get a clear understanding of your current financial picture while providing educational insight into the financial planning process.

Plan Design

We design a plan customized to your unique situation, challenges, and objectives. Recommendations are delivered in a financial strategy meeting and validated with illustrative financial planning software to ensure the plan helps you achieve your financial goals. 


We implement your plan and guide you throughout your financial journey in a lifelong partnership to success.

Xavier Williams, Alfa Pride Financial, licensed financial professional, financial planner and New York Life Insurance Agent

About The Firm

Alfa Pride Financial is committed to the principles of service, integrity, and professionalism. We aim to provide our valued clients with the highest quality of service with the goal of exceeding their expectations. Our approach to client needs is holistic in nature, looking at their entire financial picture to eliminate potential risks to their financial goals. We believe in putting people before profits and aim to recommend strategies that benefit our clients in the present and help them lay the foundation to create generational wealth for the future.

What people are saying

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I can't express how grateful I am to have found Alfa Pride Financial. My advisor not only helped me achieve my financial goals but also provided unwavering support during challenging times. His empathy and guidance have made a profound impact on my life, and I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a trusted partner on their financial journey.

— Carolyn T., College Professor

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Xavier went above and beyond to ensure we received the best policy. He made visits to my parents to understand their insurance needs, review options, and complete the application. Xavier also had zoom calls with me since I was in another state to ensure that I (as the caretaker) had the opportunity to provide feedback and understand the policy options. This dedication from Xavier made the difference, and we are more than happy with the end result and policy we got for my dad. Moving forward, now I know I have a dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable life insurance professional - I would recommend Xavier to anyone! Thank you!

— Shawn H., IT Professional

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Thank you so much Alfa Pride Financial for helping me with my business licenses and my financial advice. This is a huge step in my journey and I couldn’t have done it without you! Here’s to future success! 

— Robert J., Medicare Broker, Entrepreneur

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Alfa Pride Financial has been a true lifeline for me and my family. Their advisor's compassionate approach and personalized financial planning have helped us navigate unexpected hurdles with confidence. He genuinely cares about our well-being, and we can't thank him enough for his unwavering support and dedication.

— Michael and Shanel M.

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Thanks to Alfa Pride Financial, I now have a clear roadmap toward my retirement goals. My advisor's expert advice and ongoing recommendations have given me peace of mind and confidence in my financial decisions. I'm grateful for the personalized support and highly recommend their services.

— Mark S., Physician

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Alfa pride Financial helped me through a difficult time. Thinking about plans for my parents when they are gone was heart-wrenching. The Agent listened to my concerns and provide exactly what I needed. I am very thankful.

— Christopher C., Building Trades Journeyman

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I was initially overwhelmed by the complexities of financial products, but Xavier simplified the process for me. He patiently educated me, answered all my questions, and provided customized wealth-building strategies that suit my risk tolerance. I am now confident in my investment decisions and grateful for his guidance.

— Jennifer W., Social Worker

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Professional, attentive & patient

— Danielle J., Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

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Reasonable pricing, exceptional quality, and review.

— Brad G., Educator

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