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Protect your family and build wealth with life insurance

Protect Your Family And Build Wealth With Life Insurance

Why is life insurance important to have?

Life insurance is for those you love and could leave behind. It can also diversify your savings to help you live life to its fullest. Each type of policy offers a different type of benefit, so your coverage can grow and adapt to your changing needs. No matter where you are in life, life insurance offers a variety of products designed to help you with all of life's major events. 

Ethos Life Partnership

Ethos - Lie Insurance ain't what is used to be. It's better.

Ethos makes life insurance simple

Get up to $2M in life insurance the easy way with Ethos. With no medical exam, just a few health and lifestyle questions, Ethos approves up to 95% of applicants in about 10 minutes through their 100% online application. Find the coverage you need from carriers you trust, with Ethos.

New York residents, please contact us directly for non-medical policy options. Ethos currently doesn't have coverage options available in the state of New York.

Would your family face financial hardship if you passed away unexpectedly?

How would an unexpected death impact your family?

If you’re the primary wage earner for the family, is your family in a position to handle the financial hardship they could face?

If you are the major breadwinner or a major contributor to family income, you should be insured. A life insurance policy can mean the difference between your family keeping the home in which you live and losing it to debt if you are no longer able to provide for them.

Life Insurance for every stage of life’s journey

Alfa Pride Financial Life insurance for single person with no dependents

Living the single life

Take your burdens with you

Life insurance can pay expenses when you’re gone. Think about your funeral, private or co-signed student loans, and any other debt. And if you outlive your single days, you’ll diversify savings early and lock in a lower cost while you’re young and healthy.

Alfa Pride Financial life insurance for newly weds

Tying the knot

Help your spouse continue the lifestyle you’d created. 

Life insurance can replace your income, covering your portion of the ongoing expenses they’ll still have. And it can pay for large expenses, like the funeral, or personal or shared debts like a mortgage.

Alfa Pride Financial life insurance for families

Raising Kids

Give them the same experiences and opportunities.

Life insurance can’t replace a parent, but it can help with final expenses and replace income. Then others can afford to raise the kids as you’d planned, save for college and emergencies, and pay for family responsibilities you handled.

Alfa Pride Financial life insurance for seniors over 60

Empty Nesting

Safeguard the retirement of your dreams.

Life insurance can still help replace income, pay for final expenses, and address debt, so your spouse can afford retirement on their own. And living benefits can also help with unexpected medical costs, so you don’t dip into retirement savings too soon.

Alfa Pride Financial life insurance for retirement planning

Relaxing in retirement

Live the lifestyle you earned, and leave a legacy, not a liability.

Life insurance can help you leave a legacy— inheritance to loved ones or charities instead of debts and bills. And until then, certain policies can supplement retirement income and provide access to cash if you become chronically ill.

Life Insurance for business owners

Own a business?

Protect your business, your employees, and your lifestyle.

Life insurance can fund business succession strategies, supplement your retirement savings, protect and reward key employees, cover debts for creditors, and more.

Life Insurance Solutions

Term Life Insurance

10, 15, 20, 25, and 30-insurance plans with Low-cost death benefit protection. One-year term product is also available for short-term protection. Conversion privileges to permanent life insurance products are offered with some plans. 

Whole Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance protection with guaranteed level premiums, cash value growth, and death benefit. Some policies pay dividends that can be used to reduce premiums or increase cash values and death benefits.

Universal Life Insurance

Offers clients permanent protection with flexible payments, adjustable coverage, and oftentimes cash value growth.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Offers the flexibility and guarantees of traditional Universal Life with greater cash value growth potential. Participate in stock market growth without being exposed to it's loses. 

Final Expense

A basic life insurance policy that covers people until they reach the age of 100 or 121. It is an easy insurance to obtain, that doesn't require a medical exam with a short and sometimes instant approval process. 

Corporate Owned Life Insurance

Corporate Owned Life Insurance is a product designed for a variety of uses. It can be used to finance business succession plans or buy-sell agreements, nonqualified deferred compensation plans for executive leaders, and to protect the organization from the financial loss of key employees.

Life Insurance As An Asset 

​The financial benefits of cash value life insurance policies

Pay fewer taxes in retirement

A cash value life insurance policy can provide a source of tax-free income to supplement taxable income from assets such as a 401K, or individual retirement account (IRA). Life insurance also offers the following benefits:

  • Income tax-free death benefit to your beneficiaries
  • Tax-deferred cash value growth
  • No penalty for withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2
  • No income-based funding limits 

Prepare for health surprises

Select life insurance policies include an additional coverage option that allows you to receive a portion of the death benefit typically paid at your death if you are diagnosed with a chronic illness. It gives you a way to offset medical costs while preserving your retirement nest egg for you and your family. 

Get more value for your money

​Most assets take time to accumulate value. With life insurance, there is no build-up period. Your policy's death benefit is available to your loved ones whether you've been paying premiums for 40 years or just one.

Could you benefit from a financial product that offers the following?

  • Financial security preparation for your family when you pass away
  • Tax advantages while you're living 
  • Help if you're faced with a chronic medical condition
  • Value that may make it an attractive alternative to other traditional assets 

Want to create your own family bank with life insurance?

Contact us to get a policy customized for high cash value that can be used to finance all of your major life events

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